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The primary goal of this web app is to help artists manage their own albums, upload their own videos, add lyrics to their music, view their royalties very easily.

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Starting From Scratch

I joined Aldelo as a visual designer in Oct 2017. The company not only provide POS and merchant services, but also helps restaurants build their own websites. I created 5 style website templates for restaurants and they can customize and build their own website with their images and menu information.

This is one of five style website templates design. It helps restaurants provide online ordering services and easy to put their info on the website.

Restaurant 2 .jpg


The website gives people a fresh feeling with green, black, and white colors. The style fits many kinds of restaurants. 


Primary Colors

Secondary Colors


Artboard 3.jpg
Artboard 4.jpg
Artboard 2.jpg
Artboard 7.jpg
Artboard 6.jpg
Artboard 8.jpg
Artboard 5.jpg

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