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Side Project for Supporting
Single Parents

The topic is about solving the problems of single parents. They need some people to help them and support them. Sometimes it is very difficult to balance their work or personal lives. I created a community that could gather them together and let them help each other when they have problems. For the community, I designed an app, an event, and an environment.


Visual Identity
UX design
Environment design
Event design




  • 47 years old, divorced 13 years ago​

  • Her daughter is 22 years old, a college student

  • She is an elementary school teacher

  • Her salary is $53,590 per year

  • She works 40 hours a week

Stephanie has been single for 13 years because she was afraid her daughter would get hurt emotionally if she remarried. She likes to take part in many kinds of social activities when she is free. She is very warm-hearted and often helps her friends when they get in trouble. She loves her daughter very much and spent a lot of time with her before she went away to the university. She is suffering from empty-nest syndrome. Her daughter appreciates her mom for being a single parent. Her daughter hopes her mother can get involved with other people and not be so lonely.

  • 28 years old, divorced one year ago

  • He has a two-year-old son

  • He is a certified public accountant

  • His salary is $84,300 per year

  • He works more than 50 hours a week

James is a young single father that doesn’t have too much experience in raising a child.  He wants to be a good father, but he doesn’t know how to do better. He is very busy with his work; he hired a nanny to take care of his son. He worries about spending less time with his son. He hopes not only to give his son a father’s love, but also a mother’s love. He wants to date, but he is very shy. He spends a lot of money on his son but spends less time taking care of him.

  • 32 years old

  • She is an unmarried mother, has a son

  • She is a teller at City Bank

  • Her salary is $ 29,000 per year

  • She works 40 hours a week

Amelia is struggling to raise a child. She has to pick up her son in kindergarten as soon as possible after she finishes work. She doesn’t spend lots of money on herself, she spends more money on her son’s needs. She doesn’t have time to date or joins in social activities, but she is very warm-hearted and helps others. She thinks it’s hard to keep a balance between work and family. Her parents sometimes help her to take care of her son. She doesn’t have many friends because she is so busy. She hopes people can understand her situation and help her.

Visual Design

Primary Colors

RGB: 122  205  202

CMYK: 50  0   24  0

Pantone: 936C

RGB: 253  234  180

CMYK: 1  6   34  0

Pantone: 9120C

RGB: 164  204  87

CMYK: 40  1   85  0

Pantone: 909C

Secondary Colors

RGB: 251  175  95

CMYK: 0  36   71  0

Pantone: 804C

RGB: 0  156  148

CMYK: 81  17   47  1

Pantone: 929C

Type Setting

One Home Single Parents Unite        


Single parents need more help than other parents. They need some people to help them or support them.                                                                    

Adobe Caslon Pro

Deliverables: Mobile App      Event         Environment

APP Design:

The mobile app is for single parents. They can use it to connect with others, share their photos, get information on caring children, donate to the community and find other single parents to help them easily.  I want to give single parents a family feeling, gather them together and let them get closer. In One Home community, I hope they can trust each other, give each other help and support which can make them feel warm. From the app, single parents can get closer and know each other well.


Other Deliverables:

Single Parents and Kids Event Poster


Business Cards

Poster Card and Visual Standard Book

Poster Card
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