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The goal of this project is to redesign a dying or defunct brand. I investigated what defined the personality, identity, and substance of these businesses through the creation and execution of brand and identity programs.



The defunct brand that I chose was Pullman. Pullman was a company with vast market potential for comfortable, clean, efficient passenger service. The new Pullman mission statement is “No matter where you are, Pullman will provide services to give you a familiar and comfortable feeling of home.” According to this new mission statement, I designed the new visual standards and new brand extensions for this brand. 


Project Title

Feels Like Home


Project Categories

Branding / Web Design / Illustration / Book Design


Type of Projects



Before I came out the final logo, I drew over 500 sketches of logos.

Read More About New Pullman

Visual Strategy Guide

Visual Development Guide

Visual Standards Guide

This project is a student project created for academic purposes.
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