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Hello! I'm Sally, a designer focused on UI/UX design, visual design, and prototyping.

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Leading Design for
Point of Sale Website

As a designer at Aldelo, I built the website, crafted the design system, and helped create a standout site experience.
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Artist Management
Web App Design 

Help artists can manage their own albums, upload their own videos, add lyrics to their music, view their royalties very easily.
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Responsive E-commerce Web Design 

As the first full-time designer at Bramble, I designed E-commerce website design that promoted this furniture company to drive more traffic to the website. 
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Restaurant Template
Web Design 

As a designer at Aldelo, I lead the design for company's clients. The restaurant website templates help restraurant owners bulid their own website and let customer complete online ordering.
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Single Parents Support

The topic is about solving the problems of single parents.  I created a community that could gather them together and let them help each other when they have problems. For the community, I designed an app, an event, and an environment.
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