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Project Title

City Lights Redesign


Project Categories

Web Design / App Design / Responsive Layout / UX


Type of Projects

UX Principles



This project is about redesign a website. The layouts of the new design are used in computers, tablets, and phones. Objectively evaluate the usability of products, the design from user requirements, and test designs to verify successes or uncover flaws.



I chose City Lights online bookstore as my redesign project. The original website doesn’t look like an e-commerce website. The aesthetic and function both don’t work well.I designed different layouts for the different resolution of screens which are more modern and legible. 


The original (old) website:

Usability Survey Result

Responsive Layout: Homepage

Website:1024px                                       Tablet:768px                                      Phone:480px
1. Do you think the navigation is easy to use?
    Yes 87%             No 23%
2. Do you think the books categories are necessary for homepage?
    Yes 100%             No 0%
3.Do you think the search bar is big enough?
    Yes 87%             No 23%
4.Do you think I need to add "recommended books" in product page?
    Yes 95%             No 5%
5.Do you think I need to add more descriptions below the images?  
    Yes 0%             No 100%

A/B Testing

1. Which position of book names should I put, below and above images? ​    



2. Do I need the " Basket will expire"?



New Workflow Analysis

This project is a student project created for academic purposes.
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